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The goal of inner work is to help clients... learn how to live in partnership with the unconscious rather than at its mercy.

Robert A. Johnson

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Certified Bioenergetic Therapist
  • 160 West 73rd Street, 7-J
    New York, NY 10023
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Mind/Body Therapy Sessions, NYC/Long Island

When our difficulties intrude on the quality of our life, it is time to seek help. In-person sessions are conducted at my offices in New York City, on West 73rd Street, and in Nassau County Long Island. I work with adults and teenagers on personal and professional issues and with those seeking to explore and expand their creative expression using Bioenergetic Analysis. For more information about bioenergetic Analysis, the body/mind therapy, please contact me by email or phone. I will be happy to speak with you.

Skype Sessions Available
In addition to in-office bioenergetic therapy sessions, we can conduct online psychotheraphy appointments. Learn more >

Panic attacks, stage fright, social discomfort and other forms of anxiety all share one common element - Inhibited breathing - Bioenergetic bodywork gets below the mental chatter and right to the anxiety where it lives - in the body.

Depression can be immobilizing - Bioenergetic work goes beyond understanding why we are down and helps us to mobilize our life force - the word energetic is in Bioenergetics!

Relationships are complicated. Knowing ourselves on a body level helps us to be in touch with our feelings. Integrating mind/body aligns us first with ourselves and then more easily to others so that we love with logic.

No other psychotherapy deals more tangibly with sexuality than Bioenergetics. Working with the body can not only help us become aware of our sexual blocks - it can help us move through them.

Lack of self-esteem makes us hold back. And what do we actually hold back? Our impulses! When we free the body, we free our impulses and when we're comfortable with our impulses we feel good about ourselves.

Being in touch with ourselves through a body-oriented process helps us find purpose and direction in life and allows us to maximize our potential in whatever we undertake.

Panic Attacks
A panic attack is a form of anxiety. Bioenergetic therapy offers tools that can be used to prevent or lessen the intensity of panic attacks. Learn these tools and carry them with you wherever you go.

Artistic Expression
Bioenergetic exercises help us move through inhibitions toward freedom of expression. Because I come from a professional performing arts background, I am particularly sensitive and knowledgeable about the issues of creative people.

Writer's Block
Like depression writer's block can be paralyzing - the Bioenergetic approach helps us to gain access to the stream of energy that lives in us - that energy propels our creative expression. When it flows, we write.

Public Speaking
The number one human fear is the fear of speaking in public - second is the fear of death! Our fear of looking foolish shortens our breath and inhibits our movement. When we breathe we move and when we move, we are moved to speak and we move others.

Vocal Expression
The voice reveals. Is our voice robust and resonant or inexpressive and weak? Air moving past the vocal chords produces the sound of our voice. Nothing helps the production of sound more than effective work with the breath. When you free your mind/body from the constraints of holding back, your voice will make the sound of the passions that live inside you.

Social Phobia
Our thoughts can obsessively spin in our heads with preoccupation over how we are perceived by others. Bioenergetics helps us get out of our heads and gives us tangible tools to walk with ease among others.

Bioenergetic work helps us with emotional expression. When we are comforted and helped to feel our losses we begin to heal.

Life is stressful. Living with it requires resilience. Learning to energetically inhabit your body will help you deal with the stresses and difficulties that life presents to us all.

Trauma suffered in infancy and childhood is very different than that suffered in adulthood. Bioenergetic Analysis is a therapy that is ideally suited to helping victims who have experienced trauma at any age.

Work with the body augments work with the mind. We think, we feel and we act. To work only with our thought processes, as many psychotherapies do, is like having a stool with one leg. Bioenergetics integrates our understanding with active tools that help us to go beyond words and thoughts and into aliveness and action to produce real change.

Emotional Release
Many talk therapies actually fear the emotions. Yet from the earliest days of psychotherapy it's been known that only when we release our emotions does true change begin. Bioenergetic therapy gently allows us to get comfortable with our emotions so that they become assets and guides to living.

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