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Only when we include the mind and the body do we get a sense of something much larger than

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Bioenergetic Analysis:
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Bioenergetic Analysis, a mind/body psychotherapy, integrates traditional talk therapy with bodywork, giving us a tangible physical and emotional way of healing our psychological wounds. More than a series of exercises or techniques, Bioenergetic Therapy is a powerful, in-depth expressive process that helps us live more passionate, pleasurable and creative lives. New York City and Long Island Bioenergetic therapy sessions are based on the following principles:

Body Reveals Mind

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Our thoughts and feelings, our strengths and conflicts, and our deepest beliefs can be seen in the body. Our bodies literally tell us what shape we're in.

Insight is Not Enough

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Understanding our problems is only part of solving them. Purely verbal therapies may fail to help people mobilize their insights toward real change.

Bodywork Creates Change

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By addressing our psychological issues on a body level - working directly with breathing, movement and emotional expression - we are given the tools to expand and move toward all that we desire.

SAGE Encyclopedia Article for Bioenergetic Analysis

Contributor: Scott Baum, Ph.D., ABPP
Bioenergetic analysis is a psychodynamic psychotherapy that works with somatic (body), psychic, emotional, and interpersonal phenomena as part of a unitary whole. A therapist in this approach practices psychotherapy with a theory base and a repertoire of techniques that permit interventions to be made in each dimension: body, mind, and relationship. These interventions are made with a sophisticated understanding of body organization (including anatomy, physiology, and morphology) and of psychological processes (the formation of personality, emotion, and cognition), and the application of modern theories of self and relationship formation.

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